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Year of production: 2022

Running Time: 1:42 min

Color / Sound

I have a degree in Radio & TV Production from Toronto Metropolitan University (fka Ryerson), which included Announcing training with legendary Canadian broadcaster Bill Lawrence.


In 1995, while managing the website, I began hosting a weekly segment on Discovery Channel Canada's Discovery Connection, reporting on a new thing called "the Internet." That evolved into my own show, EXN.TV, which ran for two seasons in the mid-90s. After that, I joined Discovery's daily science news show, Daily Planet, as their technology specialist. While that proved too much to juggle with my ever-increasing management duties, I did still keep my toes in the broadcast world, by being the promotional voice for the channel until 2003.

And now, in 2021, I am looking to supplement my income with voice-over work. I've discovered a nascent talent for doing characters and accents, and I enjoy the challenge of bringing the printed word to life.

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